The Keadyn philosophy

We believe that every initiative counts, that’s why we want to be the frontrunners of an investor movement that actively supports entrepreneurship. Keadyn wants to act as a disruptor among VCs. We believe investors should leave a bigger footprint than their money and that is why we want to also proactively participate by contributing our own expertise, as well as by having a network of experts we can rely on.

We like to support the startup ecosystem regardless of whether we invest in a specific idea. We are not only in it for the money alone but we’re in it because we think cool ideas are worth spreading. That is why we are joining initiatives like Startup Fest and we also never forget about the importance of local and regional hubs e.g. YES!DelftEindhoven Startups FoundationUtrechtIncErasmus Centre for EntrepreneurshipAce Venture Lab.

Keadyn takes on a radical new approach towards venture investing by not working for the money, as traditional funds do, but with the money. Keadyn has a passionate entrepreneurial culture and is looking to invest + add value to early-stage startups with great teams that act lean, think big and move fast. Keadyn was the first investor in Rocket Internet’s Nestpick and current investments include Bird Control Group & Focus areas include fintech, marketplaces and ecommerce. Keadyn works with a global talent pool of experts that add value to the ventures they invest in.

Keadyn sees big opportunities in Europe, with the Netherlands as a key entry point and ‘the rest of the world for scale’. We provide quick on boarding, committed partners and a performance based incentive system.

We bridge the gap between informal investors and VC’s ~ Ton van ‘t Noordende, Venture Partner Keadyn.

Our relationships are built on strong common values.
We share our passion for the development of disruptive businesses.
We are committed to reach ambitious goals.
We love forward thinking.

We only invest if there’s a strong culture fit with our team, we understand the model & we can add value to the business and the founding team ~ Martijn Don, Founding Partner Keadyn.

We focus exclusively on software technology and we’re especially interested in ventures that have network effect, that are active in ecommerce, marketplaces, fintech and realtech.

The Keadyn approach

We are an alliance of forward-thinking pioneers. By sharing inspiration, knowledge and resources, we create the perfect environment to turn great ideas into big business.

Early stage companies face many challenges to validate, improve and accelerate the business. We recognize the thrill, we spot the talent and we offer ambitious people our support. Whilst they stay in charge, we actively guide them in building a successful business.

Keadyn takes part in the development of businesses that will revolutionize the way we live

From day one we build on a strong relationship through shared commitment and sympathy. In the process we celebrate successes, share the excitement and help entrepreneurs with changing course when necessary. We are Keadyn, we work with great people, together we build great businesses.


Keadyn founders
Experienced entrepreneurs, with expertise in management, legal advise and business development; establishing the most valuable connections in the Keadyn Alliance.

Keadyn investors
Investment funds focusing on innovative companies that are pioneers in smart technology and new services.

Keadyn experts
We love the ‘pay-it-forward’ mentality of present-day accelerators. But.. It’s flawed. Our model actually incentives our global network of experts (long term) since we reserve part of our upside for those committed partners when we exit a venture.

Keadyn ventures
Forward thinking entrepreneurs with scalable businesses, whose scalable enterprises have the potential to grow rapidly in various markets.

Keadyn network
A bond of affiliated entrepreneurs and inspiring leaders with shared interests, sympathy and a devotion towards the Keadyn Alliance.




Keadyn creates real engagement with companies to establish commitments and a positive progress. Our role is to guide and partner with them to develop strategies and determine goals. We stimulate enthusiasm, offer our expertise in unfamiliar circumstances and initiate inspiring sessions to discuss performances and explore new opportunities.



Keadyn provides a broad range of information and support tools. Together we investigate the needs and offer the building blocks that prepare a business for rapid growth.

  • - Legal support: advice from a committed team of specialists.
  • - Marketing: access to a motivated and talented team of marketing and communication professionals.
  • - IT solutions: assistance in a custom made IT program to suit your company.
  • - Back office: providing daily management systems in accounting and bookkeeping.
  • - Strategic support: using business intelligence to improve performance and effectively reach your goals.



In today's fast moving economy, a broad network is considered a treasure in any company. Without reliable connections it is impossible to engage with your market. Keadyn represents an extensive network of people who share a passion for innovative technology and new services. We give early stage companies access to a world of independent thinkers, advisors, like minded entrepreneurs, inspirational leaders and our investment community.



A smart investment requires vision and a bespoke approach that extends well beyond balance sheets. We invest in seed and early stage companies and also have trusted relationships with banks, fundings and other investors. Keadyn has also led the way in crowdfunding appeals. It is good practice to align investments with personal values, to position our futures with young companies for long-term, sustainable growth and stability.

The Keadyn blog

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Visiting addresses:

Keadyn HQ Rotterdam (at Cambridge Innovation Center Rotterdam)

CIC Rotterdam
Stationsplein 45
4th Floor 3013AK Rotterdam,
The Netherlands.

Keadyn HQ Amsterdam

Wework Metropool
Weesperstraat 61,
1018 VN Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Owners and managing partners:

Martijn Don: linkedin profile
Ohad Gilad:  linkedin profile

Venture Partner
Ton van ‘t Noordende: linkedin profile


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