Our greatest pride! The great ventures we have the honor to work with

42 workspace

42workspace is Rotterdam’s only curated community for tech and digital entrepreneurs, located in the beating heart of the city. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people with whom you connect on a professional and personal level.

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Angel Academy

Angel Academy offers a platform for angel investor to meet, connect and learn. The goal is for angels to learn from experienced investors and experts in various topics by means of organizing workshops and informal sessions, get smarter capital to angel rounds by making angel investing more popular, and stimulate angels to share knowledge and opportunities through, for instance, joined investment structures (syndicates).

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Fortify builds winning startup teams. Using Artificial Intelligence, Fortify creates Team Scan and crafts a gap analysis. In ongoing programs with monthly sessions, Fortify also co-creates shared values, complementary skills and mutual trust. All to achieve the unified purpose of a balanced and synergized team.

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Crobox helps eCommerce brands better understand and act on their shoppers behaviour in real time. In short, it's a persuasion profiling technology. We build unique profile data making use of consumer psychology and machine learning. Based on a strong combination of user, product and contextual data, Crobox predicts which persuasion principles do and don't work for each individual visitor.

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ABOSS offers the possibility to reduce and professionalize the back-office activities for artists and booking agencies in such a way that everyone involved can focus on their core task: artists on creating, managers on their artists career development and growth and booking agents on getting the artist at the right place at the right time.

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Otrium helps brands to grow their following and sell their previous collections in a sustainable way, and make consumers happy with discounted items of the brands they love.

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The Notificare Mobile Marketing Platform lets you reach out, interact and gain insights from your users on mobile, web and any connected device.

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At Monyq we want to free people from out-dated banking (systems and attitudes) by building a lean consumer company that empowers people financially with simple tools and smart savings.

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Daalder Pay

Daalder - The new way of paying with your smartphone.