The Keadyn Philosophy

We believe that every initiative counts. That’s why we want to be the frontrunners of an investor movement that actively supports entrepreneurship. Keadyn wants to act as a disruptor among VCs. We believe investors should leave a bigger footprint than their money.That is why we do not only proactively support our ventures by contributing our own expertise but also have a network of experts we can always rely on.

The Keadyn Manifesto

1. We love Startups
2. We don’t blame, we take responsibility
3. We love fun and encourage positive team spirit
4. We communicate constructive, honest, open and direct
5. We treat our founders as heroes
6. We think and act lean
7. We encourage personal growth
8. We are in it together
9. We take care for our ecosystem
10. We share

Winning Teams

Number 1 reason for startup failure is team dynamics. The team is a crucial variable, while the business plan and the financials get all the emphasis at other VC’s.
We select the best people and improve the teams in which we invest, because we believe that success depends on the performance of the entrepreneurs we invest in. That’s why we developed a predictive team scan that helps our decision process. Our method combines our experience on startups with cutting edge psychological science and top class sports performance. We mitigate risks like underperformance and conflicts. At the same time the analysis kickstarts our collaboration.

Invest & Add Value

Keadyn takes on a radical new approach towards venture investing by not working for the money, as traditional funds do, but with the money. Keadyn has a passionate entrepreneurial culture and is looking to invest and add value to early-stage startups with great teams that act lean, think big and move fast. Our focus areas include fintech, marketplaces and ecommerce. Keadyn works with a global talent pool of experts that add value to the ventures we invest in. Keadyn sees big opportunities in Europe, with the Netherlands as a key entry point and ‘the rest of the world for scale’.

In Whom Do We Invest?

We only invest if there’s a strong culture fit with our team, we understand the model and we can add value to the business and the founding team.

We focus exclusively on software technology. Moreover, we’re especially interested in ventures that are active in ecommerce, marketplaces, fintech and realtech as well as ventures that have strong network effects.

Supporting the Startup Ecosystem

We like to support the startup ecosystem regardless of whether we invest in a specific idea. We are not only in it for the money alone but we’re in it because we think cool ideas are worth spreading. That is why we are joining initiatives like UPstream, SXSW, Slush, TNW, and StartupExtreme. We also never forget about the importance of local and regional hubs such as Techleap, YES!Delft, WeTechRotterdam, Up!rotterdam, Eindhoven Startups Foundation, UtrechtInc, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, and Ace Venture Lab.